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Convertible Top Adjustment

Started by BluRaySRT, January 17, 2024, 04:04:21 PM

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I need to adjust my convertible top so that the guide pins go into the proper position when the top is fully closed and latched.  It is difficult to show in the pictures, but the guide pin on the passenger side is off by about 1/2" and ends up outside the hole pressing on the interior trim.   I consulted the Body Service Manual and it discusses a "Cam Assembly Adjustment' process.   However,  there is nothing in the assembly that looks like the picture in the manual so I am at a dead stop.   Suggestions are appreciated!  Thanks!


Did it ever work? The challenge with any top adjustment is it will throw off the other alignments of the glass to weatherstrip alignment. I suggest you adjust only as a last result and not just jump into this. If you can get it to close without binding with too much pressure I would call it a day. Ideally I would adjust the screw near the side to front header first since this does not alter any of the other alignments. All the others will. But the front header to side adjustment cannot be done on a tight top since it is already under pressure. BTW, maybe it is just the way the picture shows but the two pins don't look like they are at the same angle to each other. Maybe an optical illusion?
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Thanks for your take on what to do.  I agree that it is not worth the headache to start messing with all the adjustments.   It operates just fine the only problem was the pin alignment.   If I remove the pins the problem is gone..  so that's where I'm heading now.

Jay Bee

Mine doesn't align either, never measured by how much though. All I do is just grab the top's header when it's almost at the top of the windshield stainless and move it over (to the right) until the pins line up to the holes in the anti-rattlers. Been doing that for as long as I could remember.


NIIKI's fits fine in the front... my issue is right rear/quarter area... But I dont mess with it cause I know 1/8 inch here will be 3 inches some place else