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My 1971 Convertible Challenger Rear Window Adjustment

Started by CudaHead, January 09, 2022, 12:32:11 PM

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I just got through adjusting my Driver side Rear Quarter Window (Electric, Convertible).
I wanted to give you some of what information I learned.

First of all, you need to verify the front window is aligned and fits the edges.
You may are having problems with the front window tip-in that is making it hard to close. I did.
That turned out to be just a tip-in adjustment.
You DO Not have to take the door panel off to do this.
You will find three bolts on the Bottom of the door. You can use these to align both front and back ends with these bolts. They are slotted and are easy to move the door window in the slots.
So now it's time to remove the door sill, the rear seats, and the interior door panel.
You will be able to see the workings of the door window.
Please note that none of the Factory Service Body and Chassis Manual and the Parts Manual do not show the correct procedures for the Convertible and Electric rear quarters. All the illustrations are for hardtops. It took me a long time to come to this. Notice item number 28 for the slide is not on a convertible. Also the up stops that are on the glass are not there. Notice that there is also some other bolts in the window are also not on the convertible. Those last ones are not shown in this illustration here.

Here is what you need to know about the adjustments.
There is a nut with a slot in the studs, on both the top and the bottom of the main slide.
Both are used the same way. You notice both are in a slot that allows the nuts move forward and back to adjust how the window is tilted and you can tighten the nut, But you need to use the next step also.
The slotted studs in the nuts are used to change the tip-in of the window.  You just need a flat screwdriver. The bottom slotted stud is used to set the top of the glass tip-in. The one at the top is used to set the tip-in on bottom of the glass. I know it seems strange but that is how they work.
In the main slide, there is a top limit and a bottom limit. They are easy to move by loosening the bolt and move limit up or down and tighten the bolt again.
This looks easy, but it took me a while to figure these out.
They work for me. I hope it helps someone else also.


 :ohyeah: thanks for this!  The factory manuals are useless...

cuda hunter

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