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Interior Plastics

Started by 340Challman, August 13, 2023, 03:23:38 PM

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Hey All, I'm needing all of the interior plastic for my car. Door and rear panels. Seat backs and kick panels. Can anyone shed light on the differences between what Roseville sells and what Dante's sells? I guess I'm more concerned with fitment than whether the texture is exactly the same as original. But I am also interested in quality differences as well. Any pictures would be great.
Thanks guys.


I can't give you a comparison, but I can tell you the panels I got from Roseville fit and look very nice. I believe they are Metro brand. I have heard
most people are not happy with Palco brand.
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They would be identical, except Dante wants more money and Roseville offers discounts to members here. So you would pay less money for the same parts by supporting a website sponsor  :twothumbsup:
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I bought a set of white Metros years ago for my Challenger. They were at least as thick and heavy as factory ones and fit and felt awesome. My buddies Cuda had Palcos and they were absolute junk, very thin and flimsy sort of like a cheap dash cover. If the Palcos were 5% the cost of Metros I still would not buy them.


I bought a set of Palcos years ago and stashed them away until I was ready for them.  When I finally took them out and gave them a good look I was not pleased with the "feel" of them nor the detail.  I contacted Roseville and they gave me a reasonable price with shipping for the Metros.  The difference is like night and day with the Metros for the win!


I have DashTop panels in my car. They're really not very good and I would not recommend them. Not sure if they are the same as Palcos or not.
I'll be replacing my panels with Metro's.
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Excellent! Thanks everyone. As you said Alan, I also prefer to buy from Roseville. Now that I know they are the Metro panels, I'm all in.
Thanks for all the feedback.  :grouphug: