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It's alive!

Started by b5cuda, November 04, 2023, 11:21:15 AM

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Another cuda is moving under its own power again, after at least 25 years off the road. Maiden voyage yesterday. I've had the car six years, see before and after pics. Now with 5.7 engine, 833 4-speed, 2.94 suregrip. Should be great for cruising Kansas highways! This site has been invaluable and I want to say a big THANKS to all who share their knowledge and encouragement here. Still a ways to go, plan is to work out the bugs and eventually finish the paint. The recipe for success for me has been perseverance (the hard work you do after all the hard work you already did), help from friends, a patient wife, and prayers. Much obliged, e-bodies forum! 

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That's got to feel really fantastic. Congratulations.
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That's a great feeling and accomplishment! Enjoy!  :clapping:


Congratulations!  :banana:
Thanks for saving an e-body and getting one back on the road.

Now you can start keeping track of all the "nice Camaro" comments that us Barracuda owners get.
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Nice, I always like seeing another one saved...great job  :twothumbsup:
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Very cool!
Good work. Is there a resto thread on the car?
I searched here but could not find one.


Great accomplishment  bringing one back from the dead. I think I'd run the wheels off it and work out any little bugs, no rush for final paint.


Thanks everyone! This was a plain jane white Barracuda, 318 auto on the floor. No fender tag or build sheet. Story is it was a parts car in north central Kansas. I got it from a Chevy guy who didn't know what to do with it but didn't want it to get crushed. No engine, trans, interior. Needed quarters and tail panel, I hired those out. I replaced most of the floor and some patches as I learned to mig weld. I rebuilt the engine from a wrecked 2013 State Patrol car (needed bored out, .040), used the crate engine swap kit. Tanks Inc gas tank. 833 trans. TTI mounts, Jeep Commander manifolds, Borgeson steering. K-frame is welded and reinforced. Bilstein shocks, OEM front and rear sway bars, heavy torsion bars. Mopar Action front brake swap (11.75 disc) and rear 11X3 drums (it should stop just fine!). MP frame connectors. 17" wheels. Speed hut gauges except speedo. A friend shot primer and painted engine bay, trunk, and door and window jams in FK5, base coat/clear coat. Another friend who's good with fuel injection and electronics helped me sort out those issues.  Like I said, I've learned a lot from you all! I didn't create a restoration thread because I work full-time plus (pastor/chaplain in my day-job), and figure I'm a rookie when it comes to restoration.


Very cool.
"Hot rodding" at its finest.
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