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Flip up gas cap

Started by fireguyfire, December 22, 2019, 10:17:23 PM

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the "flip-top" with its locking gas cap was discontinued during the 1971 model year  :iagree: it uses the stock fill tube attaching screws/holes  :banana:


Quote from: fireguyfire on December 23, 2019, 06:42:35 AM
The flip cap on mine has 3 holes drilled around the gas cap location to secure it to the fender, so technically it does add extra holes to the car; hence the reason for my thread as I would need to weld them up now if I'm going to before I paint

Maybe if it's an aftermarket panel, but factory panels that had the twist cap ALSO had drilled out holes for the flip car is living proof of that!

Besides...I "think" as noted above you still need those holes for the filler neck attachment anyways....

There should be no "new" holes on a factory panel for twist vs flip gas cap. It is a superb upgrade that makes sense and is pure bolt-on that doesn't detract from the car value at all!

The hood pins is the one where you have to give deep thought on. I could tell you when I picked my car up it was a #3 on the list of upgrades. As I started to get more into the A66 history, and being that my car is above the "don't f$# with it" threshold, I became so damn happy that I never took a drill anywhere near my undrilled A66's early enough that it isn't even drilled for badges either...would have been a boner move to add hood pins to my car.

Keep in mind that Hoodpins show up on the fender tag....a flip gas cap doesn't. 6bblgt correct me if I'm wrong.
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My 73 is a factory rallye, so the previous owner drilled out the factory rallye hood for the pins; pretty easy repair though being that I'm going to strip all of the paint off of the hood anyways.


I have some similar repairs on the trunk lid; obviously at some point this car had a go wing on it too (another non 1973 ad on) and it was removed when the car was repainted in the 80's; they just Bondoed  over the big holes and now they are cracking so I'll have to weld up those holes as well

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The flip top with three holes is either from a 67-69 Barracuda, a 67 GTX or a Charger....And won't fit a Challenger properly


I stand corrected; went and looked at my car and there are 4 holes, not 3.


Just an FYI for the new guys that might not know. The flip top cap is a gas cap ----cover. Not a gas cap. The gas cap seals the tank opening, the cap cover is an ornamental covering, not a functioning cap. There is a rubber umbrella seal on the bottom side of the cap that rests on the gas cap top. It seals around the key lock hole. If you run a standard cap under the cover, you just remove the umbrella rubber seal and clip so it won't mash against the gas cap's handle. If you don't run a cap you will get gas fumes and leakage with a full tank.  For professionally rebuilt door hinges...

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Why not show the correct cap that was always originally installed under the flip top cap?...


IIRC the original early years had venting gas caps. Where later had the non vented with a breather up front.
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I took the flush gas cap that gets painted body color. Unscrewed the inside part, bent the ears of it up to use a a handle and now use that under my flip top gas cap. No leakage, fumes, rags, etc.


For my  :alan2cents: worth and seeing as how they're already there, I'd keep both the gas cap and the pins. I'm really seriously thinking of installing them on my 74 when I paint it. Your car, your call, but there you are.  :cheers:
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My 73 Rallye has the flip gas cap  I can't tell if it was added or it came that way. My 72 back in the days had the twisted on cap. I take the flip out cap any day. I can also use a locking gas cap under the flip out cap.
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Glad you have a picture of the "proper cap". The point was one of safety. Most guys are probably not aware of what the guys with factory installed caps know.  Just an FYI  For professionally rebuilt door hinges...