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Which 440 Valve Cover Gaskets?

Started by 1970A-66Challenger, October 21, 2023, 10:50:37 AM

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New stock-ish 440 build with stealth heads, OEM straight valve covers, exhaust manifolds.  I used the Felpro 1612 fibrous valve cover gaskets as I understood they held up better to the exhaust manifold heat. Both sides are leaking in the same place, lower side of the valve cover in the center of the head between the bolts. I used Indian Head shellac to glue the gaskets to the valve covers. I tried tightening with no success. 

Suggestions on another type of gasket?


I used the upgraded one from Oreillys that are thick rubber on my stealth heads with chrome valve covers.No leaks issues.They might have been a Felpro upgrade.I used a little adhesive for them to stay on the valve cover but nothing on the gasket on the head side


Take a short straightedge and check flatness of the valvecover rails especially around the bolt hole openings. If they are dimpled down like most are you will have to flatten them to give any gasket a chance to seal.


After straightening your valve covers, also use Chevy valve cover type washers to prevent dimpling the covers again.  For professionally rebuilt door hinges...


Yep: One Chevy part that is worth using on a Mopar.