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Convertible top pinhole alignment thingees?

Started by 70vert, September 02, 2023, 08:46:02 AM

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I've no idea what these are called (obviously), and thinking the plastic is not OEM. Anyone know what they are and where I can get some?
As you can tell in the pics, they are just kinda sitting in the hole, and have fallen out a few time. I think the one is broken. And they are kind of an eyesore.
Thanks for any info.


 They came from the factory as plastic pieces.
Terry W.


I believe they are anti-rattle clips. They just sit on the hole.

Jay Bee

Yup, anti rattlers. In 1970 they just sit in the hole/receiver. They have small protrusions on the sides that are suppose to "lock" them in place but never do. In 1971 they're screwed in on with 2 screws on either side of each one of them.

Mine alway fall out too. I got in the habit off lifting the top out of them after releasing the latch and before hitting the button.

Rich G.


I checked Roseville but didn't find these, obviously 'cause I didn't know what I was looking for  :-[

Thanks all, very informative!!!
I'm surprised, or maybe not, that this is all there is to it - a piece of plastic stuck in a hole to eliminate rattle.
I guess I will just hang onto mine for now, unless I confirm the one is cracked. I guess they are working LOL.