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Rim Blow to Center Button Horn hack? Transplant?

Started by 72and86, September 06, 2023, 09:34:45 AM

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I have a nice rim blow core with bad switch removed (dug out) that I'd like to put on my manual steering Cuda. (I know of the suggestions not to use a real rim blow steering wheel in a manual steering car because of the often needed force required to turn the wheel often setting off the rim blow horn by mistake. Thats fine.)

I like the size and style of the stock molar rim blow but dont want the functionality of the rim to honk the horn. But I also want a functional horn and that cool Cuda emblem on the button.
The TUFF steering wheel looks similar but I dont like the small diameter. Can I use horn components from a Tuffs and transplant into the rim blow to make a center button functioning horn?

Also any feedback on the Grant "246" 3-Spoke Classic Nostalgia Mopar Tuff Style Walnut Hardwood Steering Wheel?


Mine was hacked decades before I bought the car. I was told by the steering wheel guy that it was very common. It's now fixed and restored. I wouldn't want to attempt restoring one myself. My car is an S83 code with power steering. Anxious to see how it will work after assembly.
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I do have that 246 wheel.  It is nice, real wood and its about 1.5 inches wide.  I had this on my Cuda for about 4 months, but wanted a real functioning rim blow.  Mine has a horn switch on it with the stock looking plastic horn button.  Been in storage for years now.  I believe you can transplant a horn switch to it, but I don't remember since it has been a long while.  I could have purchased a separate horn switch.  Before that, I also had the rubberized Tuff wheel before the 246 wheel.  It is a nice wheel too, but again, I wanted a functioning rim blow.  That's been in storage too.  I forgot having these wheels, so they are available if anyone is interested.  The Tuff wheel does not have a horn sw, but has plastic horn button.  I believe I used the same horn sw for both wheels. 


I've not tried it myself but I would think if you were so inclined you could ditch the original center cap retainer on your rimblow, locate a 72-74 e-body horn button switch, and then drill & tap your wheel to accept it and run a 72-74 center cap, true tuff wheel cap, or one of those Nupar center caps.