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New here, forever Mopar

Started by Racer Dave, May 06, 2023, 01:41:28 PM

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Racer Dave

New guy from SoCal. I've had a string of Mopars over the years, and a boatload of other cars (not listed):

'64-1/2 Barracuda 340 4-speed (340 was a swap - originally a 273)
'65 Barracuda Formula S, 273 4-speed
'70 Barracuda 318 3-speed - first E-body - T6 Burnt Tan
'70 'Cuda 383 auto Y1 Lemon Twist
'70 'Cuda AAR 340 6-Barrel 4-speed TX9
'72 'Cuda 340 4-speed custom painted like the famed Sonic 'Cuda

Plus a bunch of drivers:

'66 Dodge A100 window van /6 3-speed
'66 Plymouth Fury III 383 auto
'66 Chrysler Town & Country wagon 383 auto
'72 Chrysler Newport 400 auto
'72 Dodge Dart 4-door /6 was free from grandmother
'72 Dodge Dart 2-door /6 auto....also free, from other grandmother
'74 Dodge van 318 3-speed
'74 Plymouth Fury 318 auto
'90 Dodge D150 pickup
'02 Dodge Dakota SLT
'12 Dodge Challenger SRT8 6-speed Black, stripe delete
'14 RAM 2500 Cummins

And some dedicated drag cars:

'77 Plymouth Arrow Alston chassis 440 Mopar & 727
'80 Plymouth Arrow Aerodynamics chassis, 440 Mopar & Powerglide. This was formerly Mark Pawuk's Super Gas car that was runner-up at the 1981 NHRA U.S. Nationals. I mostly run in nostalgia C/Gas (9.60 index, no electronics)

Anyhoo.....Out of all that I still have the RAM for towing; the SRT8 for daily driver, the '80 Arrow my current drag race car, and the '70 AAR, which is why I'm here. The AAR was bought (3rd owner) in 1975 and became a drag car in the early '80s, raced into the mid-'90s, and stored since. It's not cut up beyond restoration if I wanted to go that route, but would take quite a bit. Raced with a '69 340 out of ?? and has a roll cage and Dana 60 with leaf/link rear suspension (kind of a cross between a 4-link and Caltracs). I have the original numbers-matching block and 4-speed that were not used for racing, and some of the parts taken off the car for weight reduction. Future? Maybe a mean street/strip car.

Hows that for a lengthy into?  :D


Welcome, sounds like a nice fleet you have had! :bradsthumb:


 :welcome:   :handshake:     I have a brother in lemon grove.


Welcome to the best E Body site around...
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Post some pictures when you get a chance.


Welcome you can see that you have had plenty of mopar experience  :cheers: :australia:

Chryco Psycho

Welcome , cool toys for sure !!


Cool another drag racer. I was looking at a old Colt built by Aerodynamics  at one time. They were out of Co. I think.



Welcome to the site from Ontario,  :canada:. I'm jealous as hell over your ownership list!  :wave:
In the immortal words of Jimmy Scott- "pace yourself!"


Thought id list my Mopar experiences:

1) 1953 Dodge Coronet with the New Yorker Hemi and the fluid drive automatic.    I was only 6 years old when my father bought this car new and was sooooooo excited because he ordered it with the optional Red Ram V8 that was a hemi and was the same as the large New Yorker.   Remember at the time that Chevys had the blue flame six.   I first drove this car when i was 12.   

2) 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer with the Polysphere 318 and 3 sp torqueflite push button.   No air or power steering to rob power.   This was the car that i drove when i first got my license.   Again only a 230 HP 318 but compared to the full size 60's Chevys with 283 and 2sp powerglides or the for 289 engines it was comparison.   So i loved it...   First time i topped 110 MPH was with this boat.   

3) 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 2dr hardtop with the 318La engine.   Much lighter than the old 60 Dart so it had good daily driver performance.   My Dad bought it while i was in college and he kept it over 20 years !!   He used to say some day guys would kill for this car and he was right...68 Coronet hardtops are in demand these days.

4) 1970 Dodge Challenger.   slant six and standard 3sp on the floor.   PS, Radio, white walls and full hub cabs.   My first brand new car right after i graduated college.    Loved it...   

5) 1972 Dodge Charger SE in B7 and black vinyl top and buckets with 318 and torqueflite mounted on the floor with console, PS, PB, and AIR !!!   Performance wise it was a dog, but 72 was a rough year and i put nearly 80,000 miles on it before trading it in on a new 75 Mustang Mach 1.   BIG BIG Mistake that mustang was a true piece of shit quality wise...and it got worse gas mileage with its 2.7 V6 than the Charger did. 

6) 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo 5sp.   Bought it used, and i that it was hot !!   Looked up old numbers from a magazine and by todays standards it was slow...kept it as daily driver for 5 years.   It was always having problems, but, i loved driving it. 

7) 1966 Dodge Charger 383 Auto.   Bought it in 2001 as a classic to restore.   Spent 9 long years restoring the body and rebuilding the engine.   I still have it today and will never sell it.   It is so unique...first gen of the Chargers, with the revolving headlights, EL dash lighting and the fastback design with bucket seats front AND rear and the full length console running into the rear seats.   

8) 1974 Dodge Challenger...   originally a 318 car that i bought and spent two years restoring.   It is my current baby with the 360/408 stroker in it and is by far the most powerful car i have ever owned or driven.   Its my show car and ill keep it till i die.

9)  Daily drivers 1994 Lebaron convertible with the 3.0 V6 Sebring convertible...   terrible car in that the auto transmission kept breaking down,  then a 2000 Sebring conv, 2006 sebring convertible (loved this one...lots of interior room, decent power from its 2.7L V6 and great gas mileage.   Unfortunately it got caught in a horrible hail storm and was deemed totalled by the insurance company.   2008 Sebring convertible...   and lastly a 2013 Chrysler 200 convertible with the 3.7 V6.   Lots of power and still gets 24.5 MPG in my driving.  Found it used this year with only 39,000 miles on it...   Love it also...


Welcome good sir, nice list........nice list indeed.