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E-Body Build Sheet or Fender Tag Decoder Help

Started by Cuda Cody, April 28, 2017, 10:48:54 AM

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Cuda Cody

Need help using the Build Sheet or Fender tag decoders?   :help:  No worries at all, we're here to make sure you get all the help you need.  Just post any questions, problems or comments about using the E-Body Build Sheet or Fender Tag Decoders and we'll be happy to assist you in decoding it.   It helps if you can attach a photo of your Build Sheet, but not necessary.

If you get an "Unknown" in the results, it's important you post a photo of that area of your build sheet or Fender Tag so we can offer the most help.

All decoders:


Hi:  I have noticed that for Transam cars the K member has a part number of 3583052 and therefore, 52 on the coin.  But when i check the cars, I have also noticed some came with a 72 Coin which I can't find in the parts book>  Do you know where this 72 K member would come from?