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1970 ‘base’ driver’s mirror- nice, early original take-off

Started by CudaJim, September 28, 2023, 06:26:07 PM

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WIW please-

'Assembly' line driver's side basic, non-racing mirror.  Very nice (not perfect) original chrome, mirror swivel is not loose like many, original mirror glass in nice condition and dated July 1969.  Could screw this onto a nice survivor as-is.  Chrome may polish up a little more, I just used some windex on it.

Another part I've had for many years that I'm thinking I may never use.  From back when cars were parted out, reproductions weren't a thing, and nobody wanted these, they wanted the racing mirror.

Anyway, wondering what these are going for these days.

Thanks in advance, Jim



I'll go out on a limb and say $300.
Small market demand (70 survivor or purist resto).
Most have been upgraded to dual racing mirrors which doesn't hurt resale value.

If it was a 71 mirror with an April/May date code I would be all over it.
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Agree with your logic.  Just like back in the day, most want the racing mirror.

Thanks for the cost estimate, I appreciate it.  More feedback from any others is welcome.

Sorry, no dated '71 mirrors, closest I have is a Sept 1972 passenger side mirror...