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WIW: Front and Rear Window Molding

Started by Blowout, September 25, 2023, 09:39:02 AM

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I have some extra rear window moldings that came with my 70 Challenger. I'm assuming they can be used on 70-74 Challengers? Assuming these are original pieces since they were stored with the car for over 30 years.

I have one complete set that will require some dents to be removed and pieces to be straightened out.

Then I have two set of the lower pieces. One will require a couple dents to be removed and rest just mainly polish.

All will need a good polish or used as is on a daily driver.

I also have a set of left and right front windshield pieces as well.  I would say they are in the same condition as the rear.

Thanks for the feedback.


New reproductions are under $300. I just sold an almost perfect original Cuda set for around $200. Shipping was $50 because of the size of the box required. Your set looks like it will take some effort to make them look nice.


@headejm thanks for the feedback. So sounds like not worth much?

I just found a pair of moldings for the front as well. Added a pic.