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One post car lift

Started by soundcontrol, January 15, 2023, 09:28:55 AM

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Anyone using this type of lift?
Looked at many YT videos and it seems a bit wobbly, but I really like the mobility and I don't have space for a 2 post.
The place that sells them here also recommends a couple of 5-6 ft tall jackstands for support if you work under it.
A scissor lift is an option also but I like this one better.


The pic you posted is the only one I've seen.  Certainly looks different, but if the footprint is big should be stable?
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I just checked it out on Redline's website.
Under the shipping tab they say it cannot be delivered via liftgate to a residential address.
The shipping crate is not pallet jackable.
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Here in Sweden there is no delivery restrictions on them, and this on (in the video) is a bit less $$. About 3700. I can't use a 4 post, even if it's mobile.
In the video the guys says it will flex a bit, thats normal, and he recommends the tall jackstands if you are under it.

Just investigating this, setting up a new shop this year, would be nice with a lift.